Gum graft- need and types

Most of the people don’t know when they will need the gum graft. People usually don’t want to meet dentist even if it is dental related or not. But today people feel more secure with a dentist rather than going to a medical doctor. If you go to see the dentist for a daily checkup then it would not be very unsettling for you. If the receding gum is grabbed initially then it is possible that it won’t even need a surgery to resolve the issue. A good dentist will remove all the plague that is on the teeth. If you get it done on routine then it will reduce the need to gum graft. This is fixed that if the gums start receding it will need surgery but in some cases, it won’t like case if it is catch priory.

Different types of gum grafting
A connective gum graft is one of the main in process of gum grafting. This is used when there is more than one area of recession. In this process, a part of tissue from the upper part of your mouth is taken and attached to the problematic gum and the area of exposure.
Secondly, there is another type of gum grafting that is known as the free gingival graft. It is just like the gum connecting tissue. But the main difference is that the tissue for covering receding gums is taken from palate directly.
The third type of gum grafting is pedicle graft. It is as same as the above both but in this, the tissue is taken just from the adjacent tooth which you need to get rectified.
According to a research, it is medically proven that human tissue can be used to cover the receding gums in the process of gum graft.