Setting up clinic does mean you should also procure equipment

Main challenge that you would have to face when you want to set up your own clinic is funds that would be required for renting out a decent area where you could open clinic. Along with finding place to start clinic, you should also rent it out or purchase land in which you could construct your own clinic. You could also make a portion of your house as clinic which not many would like. Well, now that you would have come to a conclusion about where to start a clinic you should also come to a conclusion as to what sort of equipment would be required for starting your clinic.

How about electricity supply that is required for running such equipment that is procured from website. Make sure that you learn more about  zeiss ophthalmic equipment so that you know the sort of environment that you should set up for operating equipment that you purchase from website. Also, you could check on maintenance facility that would be provided by website that is selling you equipment. Well, when all these basic questions are answered, then it is always good that you keep handy product manual so that you could troubleshoot problem that you may face once in a while with such equipment that might be used on a regular basis in your clinic.
Not having concerns is not possible after product have served you for a particular number of years. Even after this guaranteed period if you want to work with it then make sure that you take proper care of it by doing all sorts of maintenance activities that are suggested by manufacturer so as to maintain its health. Only when equipment is in perfect working condition you could continue with your job of diagnosing patients who are visiting with vision problems.