Top Causes of Drug Addiction Relapse and What to do about It

Often people who have received treatment for addiction find it hard to stay clean and often go back to the old habits. There are many reasons why people with drug addiction often relapse once their treatment has been successful.

Here are some of the top causes of relapse –

  • One of the top causes of relapse is stress. It is essential for the recovering addict to stay away from all kind of stress to help remove all negative emotions.
  • Often being around people who pushed them into drug abuse can cause addicts to relapse. It is important to avoid the places and the people in early phases of recovery.
  • When people are unable to manage their urges or craving, it can lead them to start abusing drugs again.
  • If the person was given treatment in a center that is not up to the mark, it could result in relapse.

It is essential that people with drug abuse problems find treatment in Arizona treatment center that have higher chances of recovery. The rehab should follow a holistic approach to drug treatment that has higher chances of people to be successful at recovering from addiction. Thus, choosing the right treatment center is very important.